"Dave nails it every time. It's easy and quick - and sure beats flying him out to the studio to do his parts!"

- Eric Bazillian (Songwriter)
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"Dave is the most solid and musical rock 'n' roll drummer I've ever played with. He always adds just what the song needs, simple and concise, with great dynamics, taste and feel. Don't settle for a loop - get the real thing! From the hardest of rock to the swing of reggae/ska, Dave never disappoints!"

- Rob Hyman / Songwriter ("Time After Time", "And We Danced", "All You Zombies")

"Dave is one of a very few drummers I've worked with who can deliver everything -- sound, feel, taste, musicality, chops and versatility. I always look forward to working with him."

- Jim Rondinelli (Producer: Matthew Sweet, Weezer)

"I never really thought that I would have the ability to have a world class drummer on my songs and demos until now! To have someone of Dave's caliber on my recordings takes my music to a new level. Once you use DaveUDrums.com, you'll never use a drum machine or loops again!"

- Damian Hagger (Singer/Songwriter, Tin Man Walking)

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